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To achieve balance in your business or your life, you have to first know what it is that you are trying to balance - what actually needs to be put on the scales?

What is it that you "have to" - as in have available to balance and "have to" as in "must" balance?

Until you know the answers to these questions, you are never likely to achieve balance in your life.

This is why we have identified the nine areas in your business and your life that you have available to fully achieve balance in them.

The true balance between business and life also comes with knowing that your life and business activities are integrated, not separated.

So, by classifying all aspects of your business and life under just nine areas it makes it surprisingly simple for you to take full control and gain balance with both.

We call these areas 'structures' and what makes it even simpler is that the exact same nine structures that apply to your business also apply to your life - so you never have to be overwhelmed by heaps of different thoughts before you begin to hone in, focus on what is important and take full control.

But work-life balance is not about trying to balance things equally, it is about ensuring that all structures of business and life are developed and nurtured to contribute in a full and holistic manner to achieve mutually desired outcomes.

Business-life balance begins with a daily habit that revolves around taking care of you so that you can think, act and feel your best. This will get you started on a daily ritual you look forward to doing.

Business-life balance will allow you to make small, sustainable changes that make a big difference. Changing your thoughts and actions will have a great influence on your feelings about the integration of all of your life roles.

This is not to say that balance can be constantly achieved, sometimes something will present itself that is worth fighting for with all your effort and that will unbalance your business or life for a period of time.

However, it is important to be aware of that and the things you may be tending to temporarily neglect during that period.

This is where communication and agreement with others becomes very important.

Are you able to get others to "cover" and "fill-in" for you on your business related roles?

Is your life partner and family in agreement with the need and do you have their full understanding and support?"

These things are necessary part of the central organizing process of maintaining your business-life balance and we provide full details on this website on just how to achieve that.

So why not join us, if you have not already?

A great place to start to learn more about your nine life structures is My Life Lobby and the nine Life Lobby structures detailed in the right-hand menu on that page.

If you have not yet joined our website, Join Us Now! or alternatively, Log-in and get started in building balance into your Life.

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