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One of the late Steve Jobs' simplest yet most appropriate lines was "Keep looking. Don't settle".

The constant search for a "better way", the passion and attention to detail and the desire to make "insanely great" products were some of the major forces behind Steve building Apple Computer into one of the World's most successful, respected and admired Companies.

This website shares the same commitment towards searching for a better way and trying to make everything we do "insanely great".

Our passion is to help us all find a better way to grow, manage and get more out of our business in order find better ways to grow, manage and get more out of our life.

At the very heart of this site, is our recognition that there are just nine areas in our lives that define who we are, what we are and how well we live our lives.

We see these nine areas as being business 'structures' and our quest also helped us recognize that those same nine structures exist in all businesses and that they also define what it is, what is does and how well it operates in its marketplace, its community and its broad environment.

When both life and business can be so extremely complex, things become much easier to manage and control when all aspects of that complexity can be identified within just those nine structures.

The nine structures that exist in our business's ensure that we can adopt a comprehensive and balanced approach to running our business without the fear that we are overlooking or forgetting an important aspect of it.

But much more than that, it is the understanding of how those nine structures in our business and our life are all interwoven.

Our founder, Neil Weston, has said, "Work-life balance is not about trying to balance things equally, it's about ensuring that all structures of business and life are developed and nurtured to contribute in a full and holistic manner to achieve mutually desired outcomes".

It is that same recognition that will hopefully set this website apart to become your most important business and social meeting place.

A great place to start to learn more about the nine structures of business control is My Business Lobby and the nine Business Lobby structures detailed in the right-hand menu on that page.

So, if you have not yet joined our website, Join Us Now! or alternatively, Log-in and get started in building balance into your business.

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On My Business - Jack Welch

"An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage."

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"I want to put a ding in the universe."

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"To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities."