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My Life Wheel Introduction

Have you ever felt that something in your life is missing... but you just don't know where to start and where you need to focus your energy?

Life is an extremely complex structure, so it's very easy and understandable for us to feel a little disorientated sometimes when we know that things could be much better but we are bogged down with trying to work out how to go about improving it.

This page will allow you to discover where, in each of your nine life areas, you need the most improvement and where you can use your existing personal strengths towards and creating a life of your choosing - all with the help of your own personal Life Wheel.

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About My Life Wheel

The "My Life Wheel" is modeled on the "Wheel of Life" which is a powerful coaching tool that has long been used by many professional coaches to help bring about vast improvement and success in the lives of their clients. It may actually be the best and most flexible coaching tool in any coaching toolbox.


We first learned of the 'Wheel of Life' when we were working with the original creator, Paul J. Meyer, founder of Success Motivation® Institute, Inc. in the early 1980's. The diagram enables you to brainstorm the improvement options for your life in many different ways.

The 'My Life Wheel' tool is just as powerful because it gives you a vivid visual representation, or a helicopter view, of the way your life is currently, compared with the way you would ideally like it to be - or the way it should be.

It is called the 'My Life Wheel' because every major area of your life is mapped on a circle, like the spokes of a wheel.

Our adoption of the 'Wheel of Life' model in creating the 'My Life Wheel' tool is perhaps unique.

We refer to all of the nine life areas as being life "resources" because if your body and life have no resources, quite simply, your life will immediately shut down and cease to exist.

Therefore it could be said that the strength and quality of your life totally relies on the strength of its resources. They are just that important.

We can also refer to these resources as being "structures", although, they are not always strictly interchangeable in context.

When we speak of our life "resources" we are speaking of our internal resources within our life - how they stand individually and how they interact and react with other resource areas in our life.

In contrast, our life "structures" more accurately relate to how well our internal life resources interact and react with other structures outside of our life.

When we start thinking in terms of our resources, the structures they form and how they fit and interact with others, we start to appreciate a whole new understanding of them and the crucial roles that they play in our life.

Also when we are in business, it is important to see too that our business is simply just another one of our life resources that forms a part of our 'Competitive Life'. This is why the term 'Work/Life Balance' is misleading, because our work or business is an itergral part of our lives - not seperate from it. We can spend too much or too little time on, or place too much or too little attention on, any of the 9 areas within our business or our life to cause them to go 'out-of-balance'.

So, a major function of 'My Life Wheel' is that it identifies the balance that exists in your life. Our lives can grow out of balance and prevent us from living the full potential quality of our life when we devote an extraordinary focus on just a few areas while virtually neglecting other important areas.

Think about what happens when you try to continue to move forward when you have a crooked wheel, you know you are going to be in for a very bumpy ride.

It also makes it much easier to focus on your life and be aware of what is happening as a whole when you only have nine primary areas to focus on. You will find that there is nothing of importance to your life that cannot be classified under one of the nine resource areas.

But more than that, there is another resource that we all have and we uncover what is and how to use it, in each of our 'My Life In Harmony' and 'My Business In Harmony' eBooks.

The 'My Life Wheel' diagram is also unique to your life – reflecting your current projects, priorities and choices. It enables you to plan the amount of time you will give to each area of your life based on your values, vision and priorities at the moment. It can quickly and graphically identify the areas in your life where you may want to devote more energy and focus and those where you might want to cut back.

To recognise this fluidity in our lives is important because 'My Life Wheel' is not a set-and-forget process, our lives are constantly changing and our values, vision and priorities usually change with it.

More than just balance, we need to look at creating an integration and harmony between our life resources and structures. All this often comes down to the continuing choices that we make.

Be sure to grab our 'My Life In Harmony' eBook for full details on using this tool or combine it as a package our 'My Business In Harmony' eBook to gain the best possible results for your business and your life.

Once you have satisfactorily completed your Life Wheel take the next step of completing your 'Life Gap Assessment Map' which will give you:

A clear guide to help you decide what areas of your life to improve,
Suggestions on how to improve each area of your life,
A reference point to look back on to see how much better you feel about each area of your life once you've committed to massive, determined, action!

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