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Engage in Secure eProduct Marketing with us

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We are currently inviting expressions of interest from 'PREMIER' Level Members who would like to explore the possibility of engaging in Secure eProduct Marketing on our site.

As the operator of a Micro-Small Business, it would go without saying that you would possess unique sets of knowledge and skills that are of value and interest to others.

Additionally, as you have progressed through life, it is also very likely that you have gained many life experiences that you could share and that would also be of immense benefit to others. You now also have the opportunity to gain additional value out of those experiences.

This information could be presented in any downloadable or on-line playable format such as an eBook, HD Video, Interactive Video, Audio Book, Podcast, Training Program, PDF or even a Blog or Vlog. It could be set up in a pay-per-view or pay-per-download format - you choose!

It's yet another way to promote your expertise and knowledge to other members who have specifically joined our site to gain and use this knowledge and are wanting to engage with you to learn more or to purchase your full products and services.

The nature and context of your content would be very similar to that outlined on our Guest Blogger or Vlogger page - although, each product could still vary in that regard.

Our Secure eProduct Marketing system works on a PayPal driven pre-paid user credit system that can be used to charge for or control downloads from your personal profile page. We also provide functions that can be used to charge or add credits for other user actions such as visiting a page. This would allow you to charge for viewing videos for example (video on demand).

It is an extremely flexible system where credits can also be added to a users account automatically by purchasing products that have credits allocated to them.

Credits can be automatically deducted when users download specific files from your personal profile page. You can also decide if users are allowed to re-download your files again without using credits and for how long.

The credits system is a great way to charge for access to downloads or other content without requiring a payment for each transaction. It's also a great way to ensure that subscribers to your product don't download all your content in a short time and then cancel. You can effectively limit downloads to a certain number per day, week or month as needed.

Our inbuilt functions provide the basis for setting up complex credit based charging for access to various features on your personal profile page. As you can add credits too you can also reward users for certain actions.

The pages, or sections of pages, that display your product can be secured to ensure that only authorised members can view them and the file locations of your eProducts are in special folders where you can store files for download. As the location of these folders are never known or accessable by any member or site visitor, these files are secure.

We control all credits at user level. This means that you don't have to worry about the accounting.

With our inbuilt functions we can set up:

  • Single Payment Purchases. We can define credits to be applied to the user when they purchase your specific eProducts (single payment). We can also set an expiry time for those credits.
  • Subscription Payment Purchases. We can define credits to be applied to the user when they purchase your subscription eProducts (recurring payments).
  • Credits On Subscription. This is the number of credits the user gets when they subscribe to your eProduct. This subscription can also be set-up with a trial period as it allows credits to be applied before any payment is made.
  • Credits on 1st/2nd/3rd Payment. You can set which payment (first, second or third) will first apply the defined credits to the users account and against your eProduct. This is useful when you wish to use a trial period for example.
  • Credits Thereafter. These are the credits that are applied for each payment after the first applicable payment set.
  • Rollover. If you request that we set the credits to rollover then any credits remaining when the next payment is received will be retained and the new credits added. If not then any existing credits related to that eProduct will be lost when the new credits are added.

All these benefits and more are a part of Secure eProduct Marketing, so why not join us?

That's all there is to it. If you have any questions, or you would like to discuss the possibilities further, go ahead and Message us from our: Contact Us Page!

Do you also know others who would also be great Secure eProduct Marketers to our website?

Please invite them to join below:

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