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We are currently inviting interest from 'BUSINESS' and 'PREMIER' Level Members who would like to be a Guest Blogger or Vlogger on our site.

Do you have a sound knowledge or experience on a subject that you can help others with?

Do you have a passion that you would like to share?

Are you wanting to broaden your following to your own blog or vlog?

Or, just build up your kudos before you start you own?

Would you like to add more depth and scope to your blogs or vlogs by being a part of a holistic community?

Do you know others who would like to join?

Would you like to see your business friends get a whole lot more out of their business and a whole lot more out of life?

If you relate to any of the above, we would be really happy to consider publishing your posts here. We are quite flexible about what we publish at mybusiness-mylife, so long as it meets the following criteria:

General Requirements

  • It's really good. Seriously, we want to set our standards high. Be prepared for the possibility of your post going through 2-3 rounds of revisions. But if you have a good idea we are very happy to work with you until your post is ready.
  • It's original. Yep! - if it's been published in the same format anywhere else, we really don't want it.
  • It's relevant to our topics and audience. Given the scope of content on this website the topic should not be too difficult. Appealing to our audience involves "connecting, engaging and inspiring" entrepreneurs and small business owners in the 0-20 employee range who, as our slogan say's, are in business to get a whole lot more out of life! Therefore to be relevant your post simply needs to positively help and guide our audience to get more out of an aspect of their business or life.
  • It's totally useful. We don’t have word limits or requirements – the post should be as long as it needs to be, and no longer. That being said, it's rare to be able to squeeze much substance into less than 800-900 words. Most of our posts are in the range of 1,200-1,500 words. There are exceptions, though - focus on writing a great and informative post that has a "call-to-action" that the reader will immediately want to respond to and benefit from, not on meeting word count requirements.
  • It's non-promotional As good as your product or service may be, our blogs are not the place to promote them. Our aim is to help others to the greatest extent we can through our blogs without them feeling obligated or having to purchase anything.
  • Make sure you are OK with our timelines. As a new site, our approval to publish timeframe is currently relatively short. But as our blog rate increases, we will begin to plan our editorial calendar well in advance. So while we are always happy to publish your post (if it's good), it may take a month or two for it to be scheduled. In essence, there will never be a better time to get in and get published than right now.

How to Pitch

  1. Read our Blog Philosophy. You can read our philosophy here, it remains a "live" document so if you feel that it should be adjusted in any way, we would love to hear from you.
  2. Become a 'BUSINESS' or 'PREMIER' Level Member of our site. If you have not already, you can apply for a Membership Invitation to register here right now. (Once accepted, be sure to also indicate your interest in becoming a contributor). If you are already a 'BUSINESS' or 'PREMIER' Level Member, but have not indicated your interest in becoming a contributor, you can update your details here.
  3. Complete your Member Profile You member profile is one of the best ways to let our other members know about you.
  4. Introduce yourself on our Main Lobby and any other Lobby area that relates to your subjects of interest.
  5. Participate in commenting on our other blog posts where you have the knowledge.
  6. Participate in assisting other Members in our Forums where you are able to.
  7. Send us an eMail about your idea. Just the idea - not the finished post. Please include:
    • Two to three possible headlines for your idea. Please include the rating next to each headline as provided by the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer.
    • An outline with subheadings and a brief description for each
    • If you have blogged before, links to two or three of your posts that would be relevant to our site. Of particular relevance would be those that cover problems and how you solved them with steps that others can follow to solve similar problems of their own.
    • Provide a brief detail on how and where you could help market your post.
    • If available, links to two posts on MyBusiness-MyLife that indicate to you that YOUR post will be a success based on the audience response.
  8. We will either approve the idea, or suggest changes - either way, we will get back to you within 7 days so you can readily use it elsewhere as original content if not approved.
  9. If your pitch is accepted, you will be asked to submit a draft and will be provided with your own private and secure upload/download area for this. Your draft should include:
    • Sources for any studies, data, quotes, etc. Found a great study you want to reference? Include the source. Not sure how to do a proper attribution? Check out this great post on Hubspot to learn how to do it right.
    • Include five (relevant to your post) links in the body of your post to influencers/experts for the field you are writing about. (Hint: maybe one of the influencers is a source).
    • Include two links in the body of your post to past MyBusiness-MyLife posts that support particular aspects of your post. (Remember those two links required in your original pitch?)
    • Your Author Byline. A note on self-promotion, we know you most likely want a link and we are fine with that. But please, do not be self-promotional in the body of your post. (Google doesn't like it and neither do our readers). However, you are welcome to include one link in your author bio, as well as links to your social media accounts. (We should already have your image from your Profile page).
    • Submit your draft as a Word file. Please include your name in all caps in the filename. For example, MY NAME - Blog Post Title. Images are encouraged, but not required, and should be also attached separately, with attribution.
  10. For extra credit, read it out loud, make corrections, and add a comma wherever you take a breath. Also, while it is not required, think of what in your post could be Tweetable, a quote or short piece of advice. This helps us promote your post. And that is good for everyone!
  11. Be ready to make revisions. Once we have seen the post, we'll either approve it for publication, or possibly, request revisions. If we request revisions, it isn't a rejection - we want to work with you to make sure that your post is as good as it can be. You have got to work with us, though - if we ask for a revision, we don't mean for you to just add a sentence or two (we could do that ourselves while editing). Take our advice to heart and let us help you make your post a home run. After we approve a final version, we will ask you to submit it in a particular format so that we can easily make our final pass and get it ready to go! This is a separate step from the editing process.
  12. Understand that we could edit your post before publication, too. It doesn't matter how good your post is - we will still give it an editorial pass before it goes live on our blog. It's nothing personal, just standard procedure on almost every serious blog that runs guest posts.
  13. Plan to be around when the post goes live. One of the first things we will do once your post is approved is to send you a link to our Guest Post Promotion Guidelines. We'll also let you know as soon as it's been scheduled and you will have plenty of notice to make sure that you will be available. We expect you to be available during the day and the following day, to interact with readers in the comments.
  14. Do your part to spread the word. If you write a post here, you should be proud of it and we want you to tell your networks about it! :). The guest post promotion ideas above will help you get a LOT more mileage out of your post! We will also be doing our bit to make sure your work gets in front of as many eyes as possible - together we will make it a massive success!

That's all there is to it. If you have any questions, or you want to propose a post idea, go ahead and Message us from our: Contact Us Page!

All these benefits and more are a part of guest blogging, so why not join us?

If you've read the guidelines thoroughly and are ready to submit your pitch, go ahead and use our: Contact Us Page! Please select the subject line of your Message as "Blogging or Vlogging" and make the TOP LINE of your Message: GUEST POST IDEA: [SUGGESTED TITLE].

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