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Our Blog Philosophy

MyBusiness-MyLife: Our Blog Philosophy

Have you ever felt after reading a blog that what was said was all very good, but you still ask yourself "so, where do I go from here?", "how do I do that?" or "what are the steps I should take?".

The blog does provide some information that promotes thought on a subject but usually at best you just bookmark it to come back and follow up on later.

You know you are going to have to spend more time thinking about it, how it may apply to you and what you may have to do to put some things into action.

Often, that is it for us. The item gets bookmarked and business and life just gets too busy to come back to think any more about it or follow up on.

Additionally, many potentially valuable and helpful blog post are so long and have so much content detail that while we may start to read it, we realise that it is going to take a lot more time to read, digest and put into action. So again, it gets added to that seemingly never ending bookmark list.

Now, we know that a blog of around 2000 words is never going to create a complete picture of complex business or life issues, and often a subject can be so complex that its many facets must be fully covered so that the full context of the subject is presented.

We do believe however, that to be totally worthwhile all good blogs should have a "call-to-action" that immediately stimulates and leads the reader to that elusive "first step". - Something simple to implement and get the reader immediately over the hump of that first step in the quickest and easiest way possible.

One other thing that we would love our blogs to do is to create an excitement in our readers where, if they are not immediately in a position to start that first step, the first thing that they want to do once they are able is to remain impatient to immediately get started.

That will be the aim of each of our posts and something that we will be measuring and constantly working towards.

Our blogging philosophy is that if you want change a person's business or life give them something that changes their day first, then build on those changes day by day or step by step.

We realize that our members are looking for learning, not just information. If we do this, we believe that people will look forward to our next blog and putting the next step into action.

So if you wish to contribute to our blogs, be mindful to provide the first step to a "quick win" that can then lead to a further series of blogs that provide options and steps to achieve actual results and complete a desired process or outcome without swamping and overwhelming the reader along the way.

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