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About Our Membership

Please read this page so that you understand how our Registration process and Site Membership works!

Membership is by Invitation Only

But please don't let that deter you - it is a very easy process.

We just want to ensure that all of our members are on the same page when it comes to what they are seeking from this site and the content and assistance that we can provide them with.

Who is Membership For?

The one essential requirement is that you are a genuine owner of a Micro, Small or Medium sized business who has a strong passion for getting more out of your Business and Life and you are happy to help others along the way.

Is this a Social Media Site?

No, not in the real sense. While some of our member facilities may be similar, we see ourselves as a supportive Social Networking Site.

Unlike Social Media Sites, we have absolutely no interest in tracking you or selling or in any way disclosing your business or personal information to anybody.

There is no 'pop-up' advertising on this site nor do we interrupt your viewing with advertisements on any of our videos. All of our advertising is done in the lower fold of the page, where our Members can easily see it.

Also, providing it remains respectful, we look to encourage honest and open freedom of speech, not censor it.

As a simple rule of thumb, treat others as they would have you treat them if you were standing directly in front of them - not by 'hiding' behind a keyboard.

As we expect that everyone is a mature adult here, we really think that should all go beyond saying.

Is Membership Free?

No, but it is very affordable currently starting at just $1.00 for a 14 Day Profile Set-up and a 6 Month Active Trial Period.

However, we would also ask our Members to show a firm commitment towards getting more out of their business and life through one of our additional, low cost, paid Membership Packages.

The more committed you are, the more we can provide for you.

Can I Promote my Business?

Yes Promote, but never, ever SPAM!

While we do not allow SPAMMING of other Members, you have a very wide range of options on your Profile page to include information about yourself and your skills and experience, your business and its product and services and even the geographic environment that you operate in.

What more can I get out of it?

It really depends on your chosen Membership Level, but all are very low cost to join.

We have,

Quick Discussion Lobbies.

Business and Life Assessment Tools.

Full Content Q&A Forums.

Private & Public Instant Chat on every business and life topic.

Helpful Topical Blogs and Vlogs.

TripleTweat Publishing.

Real, (but respectful) Freedom Of Speech.

Secure File Sharing.

And there is much more on the drawing board.

Also depending on your level of membership, we can help you set up visible, but non-obtrusive, video and still advertising on our pages, including interactive video, which is also suitable for your own web site and links on your social media pages.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to help others and show your expertise through authoring your own categorised blogs, vlogs and Secure eProduct Marketing of your own products.

So how do I score an Invitation?

If you and your business are known to us you may get a Invitational eMail from us. Other Members may Nominate you. Plus you can nominate yourself.

To nominate yourself, simply go to our Member Login or Register Page and use one of the four Social Media Buttons or select the 'Site Registration' link from the area above it to open the Site Registration Form to register with your eMail Address. It is helpful if you could also upload a professional quality 400x400px profile image with the form.

Once you have selected one of the four Social Media Buttons or completed the Site Registration Form, you will become a 'PENDING' Member and be immediately taken to our 'Membership Application' to complete a few more fields to support your Invitation Request.

If another Member has nominated you, please include their full name on the form where indicated.

Please allow up to 72hrs for your request to be processed. Usually the more detail you provide, the quicker your request will be approved.

Up until your Invitation is approved, you can login and be taken back to the 'Membership Application' page and will be able to update any of the details there.

On approval, you will be placed on our 'INVITEE' list. We will let you know of your approval and will open all the choices on the Membership Packages page so that you can join at your selected membership level.

Membership to the INVITEE' list expires after 14 days of approval to also give you some 'free' time to setup your profile page, but please ensure that you select your Membership Package prior to that time.

That's it - Simple!

Join us now!

(Please also read our Membership Agreement, Privacy Statement and Legal Information Pages - available from the 'Home' menu above.)

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